A temporary glitter carpet installation 2M x 2.5M approx. Work was created during a residency at Development A.I.R Gallery, Auckland April 2013.
The glitter carpet was swept up at the end of the exhibition and kept for future work.
A Diamond Dusting for Me 
Haven’t we all at some stage wondered how our life should be celebrated once we move on? I for one have thought how great it could be to have my ashes swept across a gallery floor or mixed into the paint that grace the walls within.
But why not go one better and be turned into diamond dust - like a ground-level cloud composed of tiny crystals, there for but a moment but able to materialise again at will.
At will as if other forces where at play not just nature but also the heavens. Opening you up to all the scientific and religious believers, thus allowing you to build an army of follower’s young and old, male or female, black or white. (wall text for exhibition by JJ Morgan 2013)

(above) Initial design/proposal for the installation.

Time lapse video of the installation

Launching ‘The Jackson Army’ visitors to the gallery were invited to wear the famous Thriller Jacket, Glasses and Wig. Each participant was then be photographed.
This project was conducted during the residency at Development A.I.R Auckland 2013 alongside the Jackson Glitter Carpet.

Artist in Jackson gear in exhibition space with glitter carpet 2013

The Jackson Army participants 2013

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